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Welcome Message

We hope you are all enjoyed the Fall Season! We are preparing for our summer so that we can enhance your skills to be your main resource for Lacrosse. We'll also be working to improve all aspects of organization and individualism so that we can continually offer the best experience!

We know that sports are a huge part of your life experience and continue to take steps to improve our program. We are setting this new program up to better our communications to you!

What we do offer is some of the best lacrosse coaching around.  All have played at a high level and look to give back by relaying their knowledge to you!

Low and Away Mission Statement:

At Low and Away Lacrosse we strive for every player to reach their full potential. We utilize an extremely fundamental curriculum focused on hard work, goal setting, discipline, and always having fun. These principles are engrained into lacrosse drills and speeches given by some of the most successful players in the game. We teach players not only what to practice but how to practice. Everyone claims that “practice makes perfect” but we believe “perfect practice makes perfect.” Our curriculum promotes these principles that simultaneously help participants reach their full potential on the lacrosse field as well as in life. 

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